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Baret Magarian is an Anglo-Armenian author based in the cradle of the Renaissance—Florence, Italy. A former freelance journalist for The Guardian, The Times and The Daily Telegraph, among others, he recently published The Fabrications with Pleasure Boat Studio. Through dark comedy and a band of eccentric characters, The Fabrications explores how identity, fame and celebrity are constructed through the trials and triumphs of Oscar Babel, a young and unremarkable man who unwittingly becomes the messianic face of a movement, thanks largely to a sleazy PR agent and the gullibility of the masses. An extremely topical page-turner that will leave you questioning your own reality long after you finish reading! Let’s get to know Baret and his writing a little better.

1) Where did you get the idea for The Fabrications and why do you think it’s an important and culturally relevant read today

I was on a bus from London to Oxford thinking about how people can exchange energies and even personalities, and the idea seemed to me to be fruitful and interesting and it started to knock on my door and wouldn’t go away. That idea was eventually fused with another – the notion of a fiction that comes true, and eventually the novel was born. I think 
The Fabrications is important because at its core is an investigation into some very topical issues – manufactured fame, invented facts, the manipulations of the Internet, the meaning of identity, the difference between the fake and the authentic, and how much of our search for love is bound up in wearing or removing our masks. 

2) What is your writing process like?

Total chaos! I scribble notes everywhere and have various bits of paper, cards, A4 sheets that eventually accumulate and become a bolus of data. I always make initial notes with a pen and paper – I like to jot down notes manually at the early stages of a project and then I shift to the computer when I start to write the actual text. I have a lot of files, with different colours for different projects and I like to buy pens and notepads obsessively but they are all out of sync and disordered and full of incongrous ideas and perceptions, lists giving way to obsessions giving way to story ideas. All I really care about in life can be found within the confines of a stationery shop, I have realised.

3) What’s the biggest challenge for you as an author?

Trying to overcome my inner critic who is constantly whispering “forget it, give it up, you are not good enough, go for a beer instead, who are you kidding?”

4) Could you imagine The Fabrications being made into a movie? Why or why not?

I can imagine the book being filmed yes because, firstly, it’s a very visual novel. I was careful, when I wrote it to try and give the scenes and settings a strong visual dimensionality. I knew that I wanted the novel to possess a strong visual imagination in which the reader could imagine him or herself in a kind of displaced yet immediate way, watching the action like a silent bystander. This visual element obviously lends itself to a cinematic treatment of the story, and the novel has many levels of conflict, which, I am told, is the key to good screenplays and films these days. I think there is a lot of forward motion in the plot of The Fabrications – again, a factor in a good film, and there are many different memorable, grotesque characters – a hero who is also an anti-hero, a villain, a heroine, an angel, a servant, a series of father figures, and many cameos. The novel is very theatrical too so I think it would make for a great stage play or even a TV mini-series. I think there’s enough incident and intrigue there to power the engines of a visual medium. Visual drama – TV, theatre, film – requires that kind of energy, that kind of elevated tension. My novel isn’t merely introspective or “interior” – there’s a hell of a lot of action and events!

5) What are some of the book’s themes that, to you, are personally significant? Do you see them recurring in your other work as well?

My writing all seems to be about the search for identity and The Fabrications features this idea quite prominently. I am fascinated by how we compose our own identies and where they come from: how much of ourselves derives from others, from friends, from art and so on. This is a theme that has always interested me and I think it’s an inexhaustible subject to be honest. The idea also informs my book of short stories, Melting Point and my novella Mirror and Silhouette. So to some extent it’s in all my writing. The Fabrications also asks questions about sexuality, synchronicity and free well. Are we living out someone else’s script – this is a question Oscar finds himself asking when he realises a friend’s fictional story about his life starts to manifest in reality. And is there any kind of structure to our lives or is it all just random? These are some of my themes I think. I try and present them through satirical and at times humourous prisms but I think they form the cornerstone of my work.

6) Fans of which authors and genres might enjoy The Fabrications?

This is a book which, I think, would appeal to fans of magical realism and novels that reject strict reality and verisimilitudeI can imagine that the novel might appeal to fans of fantastical writing as well, to people who have read and like novels like The Master and Margarita, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao , The Unconsoled, The Trial, The Recognitions, The Corrections, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, and writers like David Forster Wallace and Thomas Pynchon. There’s a lot going on in the novel – slapstick, metaphysical speculation, ideas, twists, turns, tragedy and comedy, but most of all, a damn good read that transports you into another dimension – which all good fiction should do on some level.

7) Who are your “heroes of fiction” – famous characters with whom you identify?

I identify a lot with Harry Haller of Steppenwolf because he is such an amazing mixture of the romantic and cynic, with The Time Traveller in The Time Machine because he is so obsessed with mankind’s ultimate improvement and with utopia, with Tomas in The Unbearable Lightness of Being because he is so in love with women, with Christine in The Post Office Girl because she is given a glimpse of paradise, which is then snatched away, and with Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice because she is forced to realise that she isn’t as clever as she thinks she is.

8) With whom, out of your own characters, do you most closely identify?

I think probably in The Fabrications with Daniel Bloch because he is a writer and he is privy to all of writing’s joys and sorrows and, in my shorter fiction, with Kirsten, the heroine of a story of mine called “The Watery Gowns”, because she is given a glimpse of something that is nameless which allows her to live more completely and more joyfully later on. We are all searching for that “bridge” I guess which would allow us to make sense of things and be ourselves, truly and beautifully.

9) In your opinion, is it better for a novel to end with more questions or answers?

I think the important thing is that the novel stimulates thoughts and allows the reader to have certain realisations about life and about the nature of relationships. If a novel can also help to lift depression, darkness and negativity by making the reader feel, laugh, cry, that is a real accomplishment in my, excuse the pun, book! That’s what I strive for anyway and the most precious books have enriched my life no end. If a novel can throw up answers in these crazy times that’s nothing short of a miracle!

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The Fabrications Front cover***THE FABRICATIONS

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Meet Author, Lizzie Chantree – Q&A

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I am beyond excited to start this month off with a guest post. Today, I am featuring Author, Lizzie Chantree, author of three romance books.We’ll be diving into a fun little Q&A.

1. What brought you to a career in writing?
I began writing as a teenager and have always had a vivid imagination. As an adult I was struggling to stay awake at night while my daughter was unwell, (she’s fine now) and had to find something to distract me from the levels of stress we were all under. I wrote my first book Babe Driven as a way to bring some sunshine into my life at a very difficult time. The story is full of the laughter and warmth that I needed to get me through. The book not only began my career as an author, but worked as my counsel and kept my sanity in tact!

2. Who has been your biggest inspiration in this career path?
My parents inspire me every day. They have a great work ethic, but are kind and generous to everyone they meet. They are entrepreneurs and are a bit bonkers, if I’m honest. That’s what I love about them the most. They have had tough times, but never complain. They just dust themselves off and try something new.

3. What were some of your first story ideas?
I think I wrote a story once about a man who ate sweets that turned him blue! I must have been quite young, but it made my teacher smile. For novels, my first story idea was Babe Driven. I have a passion for invention and new business and this is the theme for all of my work. Each story revolves around an unusual business idea and then spices it up with a bit of romance.

4. Where do you find inspiration when writing?
I’m inspired by my family and friends, but also by people walking on the street, art, design, business and any form of creativity. I enjoy seeing people’s personality in what they do, or how they speak or behave.

5. What makes you, as an author, stand out?
I think my work follows a family trait, as it’s a bit zany! I have run my own business since I was 17yrs old and add unique business ideas to all of my books. I also like to learn and teach myself lots of new things each week. I had no idea about social media or marketing when I wrote Babe Driven, but now I have a fabulous Twitter following and run a popular networking hour called #creativeBizHour for creatives that trends each week.

6. Do you have a special writing process, in terms of getting from the initial story idea to publishing the final copy?
I do. I write by hand in A4 lined books with a pen my husband bought me. This may sound odd in such a technical world, but I enjoy the creativity of putting pen to paper and seeing the words fill the page. After the first 10-20,000 words, I begin to type the manuscript up and then complete it on my computer. It also means I can grab my A4 books and easily work pretty much anywhere.

7. Do your books ever involve you doing research?
Not really. My stories are completely made up in my head and the businesses are one’s I’ve invented myself. I use my own experience of over 20 yrs in business and my observations of the life around me to write my books.

8. What has been your most resourceful tool when it comes to marketing and promotion?
Twitter has been amazing. I didn’t know how to connect with anyone on social media a few years ago. I went on a course for a day, then read everything I could find on the subject and still do. Networking and connecting with other creative businesses, authors and readers has been a joy.

I also joined The Rave Reviews Book Club just after I had published Babe Driven. It was five years until my daughter was well enough for me to think about doing anything with the manuscript and the first place I found for author support was this club. It’s not just a place to just find honest reviewers, it’s a genuine book club, full of avid readers and writers who are so supportive to others. They are very generous of their time and are patient with people like me, who hadn’t a clue how to progress!

9. Your website is filled with awesome information for fellow writers. What has been the best piece of advice that you have received?
Thank you! What a compliment. The one piece of advice that I will always remember, is to get words onto paper. You can’t edit a blank page.

10. Your book, FINDING GINA, is a contemporary romance with a magical twist. It even has some mystery and suspense. How were you able to successfully combine these genres?
All of my books are romance novels with a central business idea and many of my main characters are entrepreneurs of some kind. They are also about the fact that appearances can be deceptive.

Gina is a girl who is running from her past, as her mother has died and her father is an alcoholic. She feels very isolated in the world and takes a wrong turn on a road. This leads her onto a crumbling estate with a rather handsome proprietor, whose dog Rudie insists on digging up an old pair of his owners underpants whenever a new guest arrives! Here you have mystery, romance, and a sprinkling of humour.

I think the key to mixing genres is to keep them based in one. My books are all romance novels, but some have elements of other genres for the reader to discover inside. Hopefully it keeps the story fresh and exciting.

11. I’m very interested in your book cover. Please tell us about your cover art.
Thank you again! I trained in graphic design at college, then went to The School of Communication Arts in London, which was a design, advertising and marketing university. They only took about 30 students of various ages a year from all over the world, so I was very lucky to get in. I then worked for an agency where I designed street basketball wear for Converse and worked on brochures and trade stand designs for other brands. It taught me how to implement design to the best of my ability. I absolutely love designing my cover art, as it’s a way to relax after writing so many words. I like to use strong colours and images to portray what’s inside the book.

12. How do you develop your characters?
My characters develop as the story unfolds. I write out my story ideas, then a brief plan of what will be in each chapter. From there I have a notes page on each character, about hair colour, personality traits and favourite foods e.t.c. I tend to make a lot of it up as i’m writing. I’m as excited to find out what is going to happen as everyone else! I guess that’s what makes writing the books so much fun.

13. When you’re not behind a pen or book, what can you be found doing?
I love to paint huge vibrant landscapes, although my children do seem to snaffle quite a few of my paints these days for homework projects. I have exhibited my art many times over the years in local galleries or shows. I enjoy long walks with my dog and family to discover places with beautiful views. I also travel a lot with my family as they all have clubs and activities that they love to do.

14. You have published several books. Do you have a favorite?
Babe Driven has a special place in my heart as it helped me so much at a dark time. My daughter tells everyone that I began writing my first book because of her, usually while she’s hopping from foot to foot with excitement over something or other. It makes me smile to see her joy and this in turn fills my soul with happiness.

15. What can we expect next from you?
I have just finished a romance novel which is being read by publishers. The manuscript is set in the English countryside and is about a group of school mums, one of whom is hiding a vey unusual secret. It is humorous and full of romance, but delivers a punch of excitiement. Hopefully it will appeal to readers who love contemporary romance, women’s literature and people who like a few dramatic surprises as the story unfolds. A Lizzie Chantree read!

book cover1


A contemporary romance read with a magical twist! By Lizzie Chantree. 

Can a sprinkling of stardust overcome a past full of demons? 

Gina had traversed the breadth of the country in her little campervan to try and find everyone on her grandmother’s list, before her father drunk himself into an early grave. She leant down and pulled the battered and worn journal from her bag and opened it to the latest page. The neatly written names were etched onto her heart and she was determined to visit every single one and compensate them in some way. Her family’s debt had to be repaid.  

Lewis read another provincial story about a ‘guardian angel’ who had been helping families across the country and his reporters nose began to itch. He was sure that if he could track down the girl they were talking about, he would unearth an even bigger story. He just had to work out how to locate her and then find out what it was that she was running from!


Babe Driven (UK)

Babe Driven

Love’s Child (UK)

Love’s Child

Finding Gina (UK)

Finding Gina



Lizzie is an award winning author, inventor and businesswoman. She founded her first company at the age of 17 and has been creating products and driving her family mad ever since.

Lizzie appeared on Sky News, ITV Lunchtime News, This Morning, The Big Breakfast, BBC’s Worldwide Radio Service, amongst others for becoming one of Fair Play London’s Female Innovators.

Lizzie lives with her gorgeous family and a very unusual dog.  In between the school run and baking cakes (or burning them!), she sits in her rooftop studio daydreaming about gaps in the market and how she can fill them. She is the author of sizzling beach read Babe Driven, medical romance novel; Love’s Child and Finding Gina, which is a mystical romance. She has just completed her most recent manuscript, which is set in a school playground and focuses on a group of school mums, one of whom is keeping a very bizarre secret! 

Contact info:

Facebook (1)
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Amazon Author Page

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Please welcome to my blog, the author of CHOICESJ.L. McFadden!! He has launched an exciting month-long blog tour, through 4WillsPublishing. Please show him your support!

Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Age: 32
Height: 5’11

Job description: Vampire Hunter from the Order of Hunters

Notes about: Priest was born in the order and quickly became one of the only hunters that were allowed to hunt alone. After a near miss with death and the slaughter of the order he belonged to, he teamed up with Adela to try and track down the vampire that destroyed everything he had known and loved. He is a man of few words and is known to vanish and reappear at unexpected times; his movements are so stealth that he is often compared to a ghost and at times a vampire.



Hannah MacKay
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Green
Turned: Hannah was turned in the late 1800’s in her early 20’s
Height: 5’8

Job description: Vampire/being lippy

Notes about: She is a ball of fire and attitude that does not play well with others. Adela is the only person in the world that she will listen to – and is completely loyal to – she is quick to brush off anyone else. She is known for being one of fiercest fighters of vampires that has a short fuse.


No one has any photos or any other source of image of Vitally.

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Turned: With his tightlipped secrecy not even Adela – the closest person to him – knows.
Height: 6’2

Job description: Ambassador/Historian/Spy

Notes about: Before he found Adela and helped her through her turning, there was no record of him. It is evident that he is much older than Adela by the things he knows, but he is a man of secrecy; he dabbles in the forbidden history of the vampires and is Adela’s spy. His official position is the Ambassador of Adela’s coven, but his unusual gift of slipping by people helps him gather the information. He has taught Adela many of the dead languages of vampires and people, but there is something he is looking for that he even conceals from her.


Author Bio:
J.L McFadden was born in  Pennsylvania and spent his life bouncing around the States until beginning to travel the world. Starting out he was a well-known musician in upstate New York that had a heavy playing schedule. Later he went back to his home state to work in the Lumber mills of the mountains. In California working in sales, management and even directed a small moving company until deciding to see the world. His travels around the world have allotted him to not only join an International Aikikai Aikido Federation, but have trained with Sanseis from Belgium, Ukraine, Russia and other European countries. He accounts his journeys and meeting of new people to his broad character types in his books.


Book Blurb:
While still doubled over, picking up a book, Adela stated with a sultry voice, “One of these days, I am going to make you deliver on all of those promised ideas, running through your head when you watch me.” She had a playful sound to her voice with her smile, telling that fulfilling his dreams was not out of the question.


Site: http://jlmcfadden.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officaljlmcfadden
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamieLeeMcfadde
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20842432-choices

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Choices-The-Guardian-Volume-2/dp/1492747246/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1423908742&sr=8-1
BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/choices-j-l-mcfadden/1121101320?ean=9781492747246

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Meet Dye Haven…

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I am so very pleased to introduce you to one of the stars of The Xenton!! I am SO EXCITED to have DYE HAVEN with us today, who needs no introduction.

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Before I get started I just wanna say that’s is pretty cool to be getting interviewed by the one and only Marlena Hand. Superhero or not I’d take time out to help her out.

Please tell us about the Brotherhood. Which of your siblings do you relate to more?
Okay let’s see,  hmm about the brotherhood. I guess you mean mine. You know some people can’t believe that we’re all related. And by only a year apart I guess I can see why people get that idea. Corrine is understandable because she’s 21 and Mack is 18, a nice little age gap. As for the rest of us,  I guess you can say we’re like any other group of siblings, all guys,  excluding Corrine, who is more like a boy than any of us. There’s Mack who’s the oldest,  girl crazy, brute,  and could probably be an alpha werewolf if he was bitten. He’s a nice guy when not in a bad mood. Jason on the other hand is kinda of the laid back, care less brother while Sam is the complete opposite. Always on edge,  always stressed out about something every week.  And then there’s me,  your lovable baby brother of the group. People say I’m naive but I like to call it being optimistic. Can’t live in this world today with out some type of positive energy,  am I right? Guess you can say I’m the “hope giver” to my brothers. As for relating to any of them I am confident to say that I’m my own person. If you haven’t noticed we’re all pretty different to the point that people think we’re not related at all,  like cousins twice removed, whatever that means. But all in all I look up to all of them. Being the youngest I always care what my brothers and sister have to say and always want their advice.  We always stick together no matter what. Except that one time when Griflore was on a rampage through out the city and Mack refused to help us. He came around eventually and we blew the weird Griffin freak sky high. He was an actual Griffin,  like lion’s body and eagle’s head and all. And big, I mean huge,  like he could use the Stratosphere in Vegas as a scratching post.

What was it like learning about your family’s secret?

I mean becoming Xenton wasn’t really a family secret. If it was then go Mom and Dad for being superheroes. Na,  it was something that just happened to us out of the blue. Granted I was the only one who found it sweet to become Xenton,  even though I didn’t know what it was at the time. It took a while for my brothers to come around. But they eventually did once the city was under attack by Griflore.  I mean our military was being toppled for crying out loud. If you had superpowers,  and a maniacal purple armored psycho path was destroying your city,  what would you do? That’s what I thought. So we armored up, took on that purple armored psycho and did what needed to be done,  on more than one occasion mind you. But we overcame the threat and became the world’s first batch of superheroes (as far as we know).

After Griflore I knew things would probably get worse with the world. Where there’s one villain there’s a whole pool. So after the final battle, Corrine and I told Mom and Dad we were going to summer camp, which was a cover of course. We actually went with Arayan to train in the Fire Sanctuary. Which to my surprise was in a volcano somewhere in Hawaii. I was fine adjusting,  me being the Xenton of the Flames,  Corrine had to take a bit more time and oddly enough Arayan adjusted just fine, which I thought was weird. You see, the thing about Arayan is that he’s like the big brother you never thought you had or wanted. He’s weird to the point that he knows about things that happened before the dawn of time, and he looks no older than Jason. Pretty sketch I know,  but after a while I learned to trust him. I mean who better to teach us to cope and get stronger with our Xentonian powers than him,  especially with the Coalts on their way with a full invasion. The training was grueling especially learning how to master certain techniques. I think one of my favorite techniques is making copies of myself. I could make more in a fight but I only have the stamina to make up to five,  because of my age Arayan says. Oh well. But know that we’re ready to save the world again and that is what really makes it worth the struggle.

How does it feel knowing you helped saved the world and are being called a hero?

Yeah we’re  Heroes,  we saved the world on so many occasions. But it’s not about the fame and the glory,  the recognition, it’s all about us giving the world something that it lost so long ago and that’s hope. Just knowing that there are people out there who are protecting you,  keeping you safe day in and day out is enough to make the most paranoid person go to the beach and get a tan.  The way I see it,  everything happens for a reason and us becoming Xenton happened so our courage can be your hope. Who knows what may happen in the future,  or tomorrow,  all I know is my siblings and I won’t rest until we have everything in this world safe and calm, lol of course that’s asking for a lot,  but we’re  willing to take on the challenged.  Wouldn’t you??

Want to see Dye in action? Check these links out!!

Jenshia Star

The Xenton Chronicles: The Jenshia Star

CoaltsThe Xenton Chronicles: The Invasion of the Coalts

The Lost Heir
The Xenton Chronicles: The Lost Heir

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Meet Rhani D’Chae…

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Today, I am supporting a very talented author, Rhani D’Chae. She is the author of SHADOW OF THE DRILL.

I’ll admit that I haven’t had the chance to read this book, BUT I have heard AMAZING things about it and the awesome writer. So without further ado, please welcome Rhani D’Chae!!




His gloved fingers probed the Betadine-stained area above the wound as he prepared to make another incision, but he stopped when Rudy moaned in response. “Char,” he said without looking up, “he’s too close to the top. We need to put him back down. I know the pills are gone, but is there any more booze?”

The woman clenched her hands together, unable to hide her stricken expression. “No. I gave him the last of it just before you started. There might be more somewhere, but I don’t know how much.” Her voice broke in a frustrated sob. “Or where it would be.”

Decker frowned again, thinking of and weighing the options. “Well,” he said, swallowing hard against the dread that threatened the strength and accuracy of his hands, “I guess we’ll just go ahead and finish it. Hopefully, he’ll pass out before we get too far.”

Another sentence followed, too softly for Charlene to hear. “What did you say?”

“I said if there’s a God in Heaven, he will.”

The bloodstained gloves hit the floor, and Decker’s hands cupped Rudy’s face, one finger tracing the clenched jaw with a lover’s smooth touch. His lips tightened at the thought of what his friend would still have to suffer at his hands, but then he straightened, all emotion locked safely away until the job was done.

“Ready?” The sound of fresh gloves snapping around his wrists accented the word.

Charlene caught her breath, but managed to keep her voice from shaking too badly. “As ready as I’m gonna be.” She pressed her palms against Rudy’s shoulders, leaning her weight forward while bracing her feet against the base of the wall behind her.

“Are you sure?” Decker’s voice was steady, almost as if his fright had never been. She bobbed her head in reply, and he poised his hands over Rudy’s abdomen. “Okay then,” he said, forcing his eyes away from Rudy’s face. “Here we go.”

The scalpel slid into the skin, forcing a throaty groan from Rudy’s lips. Blood flowed, causing Charlene’s heart to skip a beat.

There’s so much!

Rudy’s legs thrashed while Charlene fought to hold his upper body against the table and she dug the heels of her palms into the front of his shoulders. “I can’t hold him,” she cried, struggling against Rudy’s greater strength. “Deck, I’m losing him!”

“I’m almost there,” he replied as the scalpel went deeper. “Just a little more, and I’ll have it!”

He tossed the blood-covered instrument onto the tray before picking up the forceps. “Okay,” he said, more to himself than to Charlene. “Okay, steady now. Easy . . . easy . . .”

Rudy cried out when Decker reached in for the elusive piece of metal. His head rolled from side to side while his hands flailed, even though Decker tried to hold the closest one against the edge of the table with his body. His expressive brown eyes were wide and pain-crazed, but beneath the pain was something else. Something that, to their dismay, both Charlene and Decker recognized.


Rudy should have been beyond all feeling, but instead he remained awake. Awake and aware.


Shadow of the Drill by Rhani D. Chae

Shadow of the Drill centers around a man whose life was destroyed by violence, who then embraced violence as a means to a very brutal end. It follows Decker and Rudy as they come face to face with their oldest enemies and attempt to close that chapter of their lives. The book contains graphic violence as well as sexual situations, and is not intended for young or easily offended readers. Shadow of the Drill is the first in the Drill series and the second book, Winter of the Drill, will hopefully be completed in the next month or two.


Thank you all so much for allowing me to share a bit of my journey with you today.  To follow the rest of my tour, please visit 4WillsPublishing.  Marlena, you were a great host and thank you so much for having me!


RHANI D’CHAE spent her teen years bouncing between WA, OR, and OK, but has lived her adult life in Tacoma, WA. She likes to read, though she doesn’t read as much as she used to due to diabetic vision loss, and is a fan of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Brian Lumley, and James Clavell. She loves The Walking Dead, and any zombie film with a high body count. Ms. D’Chae enjoys connecting with people on social networking sites, and loves getting feedback from those who have read her work, so please don’t leave without sharing your comments. 



“SHADOW OF THE DRILL” by Rhani D. Chae  www.amazon.com/dp/B00GBHQZZU


Google +http://google.com/+RhaniDChae
Website:  www.rhanidchae.com

Review of Shadow of the Drill at NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVIEWS


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