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Finding Billy Battles by Ron Yates

When a great-grandson inherits two aging trunks and a stack of meticulously detailed journals penned by his great-grandfather, he sets out to fulfill his great-grandfather’s last request: to tell the story of an incredible life replete with adventure, violence, and tragedy. The great-grandfather’s name is Billy Battles–a man often trapped and overwhelmed by circumstances beyond his control.

For much of his 100-year-long life Billy is a man missing and largely unknown to his descendants. His great-grandson is about to change that. As he works his way through the aging journals and the other possessions he finds in the battered trunks he uncovers the truth about his mysterious great-grandfather–a man whose deeds and misdeeds propelled him on an extraordinary and perilous journey from the untamed American West to the inscrutable Far East, Latin America and Europe.

As he flips through the pages of the handwritten journals he learns of Billy’s surprising connections to the Spanish-American War, French Indochina, and revolutions in Mexico and other Latin American countries. But most of all he learns that in finding Billy Battles he has also found a long lost and astonishing link to the past.

Ron Yates


*  *  *

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The Authors behind the Paige Maddison Series – @bicematheson

Hello, bloggers!

Happy Spring to you! I’m excited to welcome a new guest to my site today, Lee Bice-Matheson. BUT, there’s an added treat for you. Not only has Lee authored books solo, but she also co-authors books with her son. Kind of an awesome writing team, I think.  :)

Allow me to turn it over to today’s stars…

J.R. and me in Orillia TodayBIO:

Lee: I began my writing career as a storyteller, often weaving tales for our son, J.R. Matheson. My stories parlayed into a writing career that was united with J.R.’s creative imagination, as a mom-son writing team. It is my dream come true! I am proud to say we have coauthored Destiny’s Gate, Book Two, and Shine Your Light, Book Three. I am also the author of Wake Me Up Inside, Book One, in the Paige Maddison Series. It was the recipient of the Literacy Award from the Readers’ Advisory Panel, Orillia Public Library, and the Paige Maddison Series continues to be included in the Battle of the Books, Simcoe County. I am passionate about family, friendships, spirituality, and all it encompasses. I love spending time in nature and canoeing and portaging into Algonquin Park with my husband. My degrees are in Honours History, Master of Library & Information Science, both from Western University. I’ve worked in public, medical, and corporate libraries, and now I work proudly with my husband, Kevin, in our Chiropractic Clinic.

J.R.: I’ve been writing fantasy and horror since I was old enough to hold a pen. Collaborating on the Paige Maddison Series has reignited my passion for creative writing. When I’m not weaving tales with mom and coauthor, Lee Bice-Matheson, I can be found drowning in scientific publications and talking incessantly about my research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, Ontario, where I’m a pharmacology PhD student. Some may claim that science and the creative arts are at odds, but I feel they are one and the same.

~  ~  ~


Paige Maddison is only 17 years old, but many know her spirit is ageless. She holds the gift of seeing beyond the layers of our reality, the courage to battle the evils that threaten to tear those layers apart, and the key to an ancient mystery that will decide the fate of the spirit realm, and our own, for another century.

In Shine Your Light, the third book of the Paige Maddison series, Paige finds herself precariously balanced between the mortal and spiritual realms, even while being haunted by events of the past. Surrounded by powerful allies, old and new, she discovers the true power of friendship―and the impact of its betrayal―as she faces her greatest challenge: the Prince of Darkness himself. The Ultimate Evil.

When a black moon looms over All Hallows’ Eve, and the battle for control of an ancient Grimoire threatens to destroy the world as we know it, Paige will be put to the test. Will love and goodness win the day? Will the strength and magic of her Celtic ancestry, the First Nations People, her Spirit Wolf family, or even divine intervention be enough to help her prevail?

Paige’s visions tell her that she is the Chosen One―chosen by fate, God, or perhaps the universe itself … but is she worthy? The ultimate battle between fallen angels, humanity, and the upperworld is about to be fought on Earth’s battlefield.

What if they’ve made the wrong choice?



Stephenie Meyer

As Seen on ‘Live’ TV: Daytime Simcoe, Barrie, Canada Host: Melissa Neuen January 13, 2017

~  ~  ~


Shine Your Light is a delightful and insightful novel… It beautifully describes the incredible adventures of the youthful Paige Maddison…wise beyond her years … she communes with the spirits of Archangels Michael and Raphael, King Solomon, Grey Owl, and even the dreaded Beelzebul! Paige is a well-rounded…the Nancy Drew of the realm of high spirits and dreams and visions. In my opinion, it is “a keeper.” John Robert Colombo, Author and Anthologist of over 200 books, Canada’s Master Gatherer

Shine Your Light is a unique blend of Biblical quest and supernatural adventure, as Paige Maddison experiences her spiritual awakening and joins forces with angels and shape-shifters to fight the most important battle of her life. A very enjoyable and deeply spiritual addition to the Paige Maddison series.  Philip Henry, Author and Film-maker

One of our Amazon Reviewers exemplifies our message in the novel:

“This inspiring story highlights how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed and succumb to negativity when we feel alone. The authors gracefully remind us that asking for guidance and support is not a weakness, but more importantly, takes courage and can help us stay grounded and truly let our LIGHT SHINE. I highly recommend this read!” 5*

AMAZON REVIEWER, KATY, SAYS: Where do I start? This book was so exciting and detailed from beginning to end! In Shine Your Light, authors Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson pose the question: what would happen if one does not fulfill their destiny and allows darkness to prevail? This novel is electrifying, fast-paced and full of genuine emotion as it transcends matters such as self-doubt and evil. The authors explore and expose details from various sources allowing the reader to learn and grow alongside the heroine. We meet new characters who are gratifyingly developed, namely the villain who aided the plot in becoming the most thrilling and inspiring novel of the trilogy. Paige is transformed throughout her explorations and conquers all with the help of her gifts, angels, respected mentors, family and friends. I definitely had the chills in a few spots. The authors wrote from such a place of love and that jumped right off the page! They leave us with a final notion that we must trust our own instincts and ultimately come from a place of love. 5* October, 2016

~  ~  ~


Snowflakes danced and swirled beyond the windowpane, capturing the sun’s rays, glistening like diamonds as they drifted, mesmerizing me as I stood by and watched without a care in the world. Mother Nature had trapped me tight within her grasp. I was drawn into her beauty and magnetic, overpowering energy. Snowflakes accumulated, forming small mounds and snow drifts, and I viewed the scene as if through the lens of time-lapse photography. I sensed danger was near, yet felt warm and peaceful inside. And then I sensed nothing at all.

*  *  *

My instincts snapped me into a state of high alert as I searched carefully inside a dimly lit room, arms outstretched, hoping I wouldn’t bump into something and wound myself.

I blinked my eyes repeatedly and as my vision returned, images penetrated my consciousness. Eyesight sharpened, I spied a shimmering, oval, mahogany table with twelve handsomely crafted wooden chairs with etched frames and deep-cushioned red-velvet seats. The table caught the sunlight peeking in from beyond the dining room, through the kitchen window with its tiny panes of glass and lattice framing. It was of a time long ago.

I approached the back door and peeked out through a tall, narrow side window. I gasped as I spied a dense forest filled with 100-year-old pine, birch, oak, and black walnut trees all coexisting as one, their branches intertwined. Something seemed familiar about this place. I found my courage and it urged me to continue exploring my new surroundings. I passed through a low-set hallway and noticed two bedrooms across from one another. Each room contained twin beds, and I assumed the children’s room was the one with colourful quilts adorned with patches of birds and animals.

There were carvings in that particular room which drew me in. One carving was of a beaver, another was of a moose, and the third a wolf’s head. It was much larger than the others, and it captured my attention, as the wolf was a kindred spirit to me. I ran my fingers along its nose and felt the etching on its face, wondering who had created this beautiful work of art.

*  *  *

Packet and Times on J.R. and Lee Xmas 2016

PERSONAL NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS:  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our supporters and book buying readers of the Paige Maddison Series. We wouldn’t be continuing this journey if it wasn’t for you. Also to our new readers, we hope you enjoy Paige’s spiritual awakening. We want people to ‘shine their light’ in the world we live in and we’ve been told our books help many to see ‘the light.’ Please leave honest and constructive reviews for any of your favourite authors on Goodreads, Amazon, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, or any online bookstore. It is one of the main ways to give feedback to help authors understand how their work is being received or how it could be tweaked to make it better.


Twitter: @bicematheson


and more than 38,000 online retailers including Adlibris, Booktopia, Waterstones

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Indigo Eaton Centre, June 2nd, 4 pm
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I hope you are having a fabulous day! We, in the crazy state of Alabama, are preparing for our first severe weather of Spring. We’re talking tornadoes and hail this size of baseballs. My fingers are crossed that it passes over us, though. For anyone in the path of the storms, I’m sending you positive thoughts of safety.  :)

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Rafferty Lincoln Loves… with Author Emily Williams

Hello, bloggers!

I am pleased to welcome back Author Emily Williams. Some time ago, just a little over a year ago actually, Emily visited to tell us about her debut book, LETTERS TO ELOISE. Today, I am excited to help her announce the release of her first young adult book, RAFFERTY LINCOLN LOVES…

image1About Rafferty Lincoln Loves…

Rafferty Lincoln Loves… is my first young adult novel, after the release of my debut adult novel, Letters to Eloise, last year. I wrote Rafferty Lincoln Loves… as I have always wanted to write a novel involving horses and ponies since childhood when I first started scrawling stories. I read many horse and pony stories as a child, but have found that there are very few to read as a young adult/adult so I wanted to fill this void. My childhood favourites were the Jinny stories by Patricia Leitch and the Jill series by Ruby Ferguson, amongst many others.

I have been around horses from a very early age and spent many years saving to afford my own horse. Finally, aged twenty-one, I bought her; my beautiful American Quarter horse mare, Bella. Sadly, due to a road accident and then a fall of a horse, I can no longer ride. However, my passion and love for equines hasn’t diminished. Due to arm injuries from the accidents, I have had to dictate the novel, Rafferty Lincoln Loves… and am donating the proceeds of the novel to the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre – a charity I have supported since childhood.

Many thanks for supporting the novel and I do hope you enjoy it!

Emily x

IMG_5202Chapter Ten


‘This is a ridiculous idea,’ mumbled Dexter. Although grumbling, he’d done as I had asked. Spearmint was standing in front of us with his head collar and lead rope on. He shook his head then rubbed it up and down Dexter’s shoulder, sending him almost flying into the canal. Fine red hairs stuck to the arm of Dexter’s jumper. Dexter pushed the horse’s nose back. ‘Oi, stop that, Minty.’

‘How do I do it?’ I asked.

‘Thought you were the expert?’

‘The books only taught me so much,’ I grinned. ‘The rest is meant to be obvious. Hopefully it’ll come naturally.’

‘I’ll move him over so you can stand on the deck.’

‘Is it high enough?’ I frowned at the side of the canal boat. The side wasn’t far from the towpath ground. Minty looked very big up close.

Dexter swung Minty around and backed him against the side of the boat, so his body ran along the side of the wooden edging of the deck. His round belly pushed up against the side and he pawed at the ground. Dust clouded up from his hooves, the ground dry after weeks without rain. For May it was unusually dry. I put my hand up onto the horse’s shoulder, like the photograph in the book.

‘He’s the wrong way around,’ I said.

‘Who is?’

‘Who do you think? Turn him.’

Dexter rolled his eyes, but led Minty forward and spun him around.

‘Better,’ I said. I thought the boat shifted under my weight. I leant forward against Minty’s warm body to steady myself and moved my feet along the edge to regain balance. Minty’s hair was smooth and gleamed chestnut in the sun; like Tallie’s eyes. Dexter must have been brushing him.

‘You going to get on then?’ Dexter asked.

‘Yeah, give me a second.’

‘A second for what?’

‘Just a second, be patient, will you?’

‘Come on, Minty’s getting bored.’ The horse was thrashing his head around, Dexter struggling not to be pushed over.

‘Okay, ready.’ I leant against the horse again but couldn’t get the momentum to jump up. I stretched up again but it was no use, the deck was too low. ‘I need something higher.’

‘Over there?’ suggested Dexter pointing to the stile, now cleared of the overhanging nettles. ‘You want me to go first?’

‘No, I can do this.’

‘Liberty won’t like you any better even if you do get on the horse.’

I ignored him.

*  *  *

The blurb of Rafferty Lincoln Loves…

Rafferty Lincoln doesn’t like horses. Not one bit. But when the popular high school girl of his dreams, Liberty Ashburn, pulls him into a world of lead ropes and horse brushes, who is he to say no?

Except this isn’t any old horse. This is the missing racehorse, Profits Red Ridge. The horse Rafferty and three of his friends are hiding from the world. And Liberty Ashburn isn’t just any ordinary high school girl. How far will Rafferty go to win her over?

An intense, witty and powerful coming of age story with startling consequences.

*  *  *

About the charity ‘The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre’


The proceeds from the novel ‘Rafferty Lincoln Loves…’ will be donated to The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre.

BTRC is dedicated to improving and promoting the welfare of retired race horses through education, retraining and suitable rehoming in order to ensure that our Thoroughbreds have a rewarding and valuable life after their racing careers have ended.

Each year thousands of horses leave racing, some because they reach the natural end of their career and others through injury or lack of ability. Established in 1991, The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre was the UK’s first charity dedicated to ex-racehorse welfare, retraining, rehoming and protection for life.

‘It is fantastic to see a contemporary novel for young adults embracing passion and love for horses, as well as advocating for their welfare. Emily’s fast-paced novel not only explores the relationship and incredible bond between horse and rider but also delves into darker aspects relevant to today’s challenging world of growing up. Rafferty Lincoln Loves… deserves to be celebrated for bringing an important cause to the forefront of today’s young adults.’ Frankie Dettori MBE

I am thrilled to have written this novel for the BTRC and to be donating the proceeds to such an important and dedicated charity for the welfare of retired racehorses.’ Emily Williams

*  *  *

IMG_3086Author Bio

Emily Williams lives by the seaside in West Sussex with her family and a menagerie of small pets. After graduating from Sussex University with a BA in Psychology, Emily trained as a primary school teacher and teaches in a local school.

Rafferty Lincoln Loves… is her first YA novel after the success of her debut adult novel, Letters to Eloise, released in 2017.

Learn more about Emily by visiting her on Twitter or her blog.

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#RRBC Spotlight Author, Flossie Benton Rogers

Hello, bloggers!

We are in the midst of another fabulous RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author blog tour!! Today, we are shining a light on Author Flossie Benton Rogers.

This lovely graphic  ^^  was created by the talented Gwendolyn Plano.

Enjoy this story excerpt from Mind Your Goddess, another book in the dark fantasy romance Wytchfae series.


Wytchfae Series #3

Cool jazz & hot kisses…

The Goddess Epona awakens in the Roaring 20s. Can this flapper summon the razzle dazzle to reclaim her powers and the heart of her dark Guardian?

Story Excerpt

“Lady?” A hand tapped her shoulder and she forced herself to open her eyes. A man with slick black hair who was dressed to the nines in a dapper lightweight suit of a long ago style, knelt beside her.

Relieved that the innate fae power of understanding languages had not deserted her, she whispered, “Who are you?”

“I’m Benny.”

“Where am I?”

“This is sunshiny Florida.

“What year is it, Benny?”

“1925. Say, are you in trouble? Do you need a sawbones, or did you jump overboard?” His tone held a note of jocularity that made her wince. Still, if he could get her out of this blaring sun until she had the strength to heal her weakened condition, she could withstand his cheerfulness.

She bit down hard on her lip. Not only had her abductors catapulted her down to the human dimension, they had pitched her back in time. “Please, help me up.” The wispy quality of her voice shocked her.

Instead of assisting her to rise as she expected, the man snapped his fingers twice, and a younger, brawny man trotted over. “Yes sir?”

“Be a gentleman and help the lady. Put her in one of the cabins—Margie’s.”

Epona didn’t like the sound of that but figured once inside and away from the blinding sunlight her head would stop hammering with such violence and she could check on her Goddess crystal. Using considerable effort, she assisted the beefy young man as he got an arm under her and raised her to a standing position.

Although her legs seemed to be made of jelly, with his support she was able to untwist the sodden gown from her legs. Patting her salt stiffened hair, she murmured, “I must look a fright.”

“Not at all, cupcake.”

The hell with it. Her appearance was the least of her worries. When her wobbly legs buckled, and before she could utter a protest, her rescuer scooped her up into muscled arms and plodded through the white sand toward a bright yellow building set back from the beach. He continued around to the back where a row of neat cottages stood.

The black haired man followed and when they came to a door, he knocked in a rhythmic rat a tat tat. Some kind of secret code, she thought. The door swung open to reveal two other stocky men. “Oh, it’s you, Benny.”

“Of course it’s me. Didn’t I give the knock, moron? Break’s over. Quit your yammering and open the bedroom door.”

A few moments later, after more chattering and remonstrations from Benny, Epona reclined on a narrow cot with no headboard. Propped up atop scrawny pillows and covered with a thin blanket, she took stock of her rescuers, while Benny eyed her from just inside the doorway. The other men peered over his shoulder. “What’s your name?”

She didn’t answer him.

“Muddled melon, huh? Well, never mind, we’ll call you Angel for now. You kinda look like one in that getup, or a bride. There’s not a hot-headed groom on the warpath behind you, is there?”

Her fae ability with languages apparently wasn’t working at full throttle after all. Although she didn’t fully comprehend what he meant, she responded to his questioning look with a fervent shake of her head.

“Good. You either need to dry off or dry out. Which is it?”

Book Trailer:

ArtExpo5-9-2015confepic (1)
Author Bio:
Former library director and teacher. Essential Energy Balancing and Reiki master, interested in metaphysical tools such as runes, crystals, and tarot. Passionate about comparative mythology,vancient history, and alternate realities. Sagittarius with a Libra ascendant and Taurus moon, 5th generation Floridian. Mystic adventurer. Coffee aficionado. Known for conjuring the magic in romance.

Connect with Flossie:
Amazon Author Page:

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Lots Of Chocolates For Me To Eat by Author Young

Hello, bloggers!

I am pleased to welcome guest author, Bernard Foong (aka Young) to my site today. Bernard is an awesome member of RRBC and I am delighted to share some of his story today. Not only are we talking about his books and traveling, but we’re also talking about CHOCOLATE. So, yeah, I’m happy…  ;)


Lots Of Chocolates For Me To Eat

The festive season was in full swing when Walter and I came out of the Rijksmuseum passageway. Gigantic ten feet high alphabets of the word AMSTERDAM stood sculpted before us and beckoned us to explore the outdoor skating ring enclosed behind. Winter revelers wrapped in cozy mittens, ear muffs and toasty scarves twirled and pirouetted like ballet dancers around the ice rink; while others did their utmost to stay erect, and not to appear embarrassed by their lack of gliding skills.


Fascinated by this winter wonderland, I exhorted my hubby forward to saunter the array of twinkling stalls that lined the stockade’s peripheries. Little did I realize we had infiltrated a delectable Feestelijkemarkt (Festival Market) where chocolaatjes, snoeps (Dutch for chocolates and candies), and a variety of festive goodies were on sale.


The event’s jubilant atmosphere, the exquisite taste of handcrafted chocolates and the artistic craftsmanship of the delicacies on offer enticed the visitor to ogle and to savor. Like most public festivals, this fair had street performers, musicians, and parades to dazzle any livid roisterers. Tents and enclosed booths proffered chocolate massages, facials, body rubs, manicures, and pedicures; while chocolate sculptures, chocolate body painting, chocolate cooking and eating contests vie for attention at this expo.


When my beloved and I arrived at a life-sized chocolate gingerbread house covered with berries, raisins, and other delicious goodies, I was bewitched. Never had I witnessed anything with such an appetizing savior faire as I stood to admire this large chocolate gingerbread creation. Through the doorway of this scrumptious cottage appeared a man dressed from head to toe in white. His hair, face, and hands were partially covered with a layer of flour, and he resembled a life snowman without the button eyes, carrot nose, scarf, and hat. He carried a broom, which he used to sweep the interior of this fascinating concoction. Tobias, the creative baker responsible for fabricating this edible structure greeted us when we strolled by his stall.


Memories of my time in Germany at the 1966 Tübingen ChocolatART Festival, gushed through my mind. I had documented that provocatively enticing event in A Harem Boy’s Saga – Book II – UNBRIDLED; a memoir by Young (aka Bernard Foong):


As we ventured further into this festal labyrinth, I caught sight of a fur booth. Cornucopias of scrumptious fashion items lined the shelves of the stall’s tiny space. I gravitated towards the fur wraps, hats, gloves, and shawls. One particular stole caught my eye. Although this long scarf was of faux pelage, the textural color combination was nothing short of prepossessing. I was already infatuated with its elegance before my husband urged me to try it on. Since I know the fashion industry inside out and am aware of the production cost of this caliber, I was trounced by the price tag. I was hesitant to pay the cost no matter how much I adored the stole.


God bless my beloved, hubby, who exhorted, “Darling, you do look stunning in it. If you truly love this écharpe (scarf in French) consider it my anniversary gift to you.”

“But our 21st anniversary isn’t until Valentine’s day 2018,” I countered startlingly.

To which my beloved replied entrancingly, “Sweetie, you are my Valentine every day of the year.”

“I’m glad my fairy spell worked on you,” I quipped with merriment before we departed the stall with the captivating scarf to warm my freezing neck.

Bernard Foong (aka Young)


This and other vignettes are documented in A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir by Young (moi – aka Bernard Foong) – (a 5 book autobiographical series):


A Harem Boy’s Saga


An enchanting love story of a young man who masters the art of unconditional love and discovers the erotic sensuality of coming of age in a male harem.



In The Harem blog: in_the_harem



Amazon Authors Page:


A HAREM BOY’S SAGA (series) – Film Option Agreement signed with a UK Film production company.

Book I – INITIATION is currently in film pre-production.


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