Lots Of Chocolates For Me To Eat by Author Young

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I am pleased to welcome guest author, Bernard Foong (aka Young) to my site today. Bernard is an awesome member of RRBC and I am delighted to share some of his story today. Not only are we talking about his books and traveling, but we’re also talking about CHOCOLATE. So, yeah, I’m happy…  ;)


Lots Of Chocolates For Me To Eat

The festive season was in full swing when Walter and I came out of the Rijksmuseum passageway. Gigantic ten feet high alphabets of the word AMSTERDAM stood sculpted before us and beckoned us to explore the outdoor skating ring enclosed behind. Winter revelers wrapped in cozy mittens, ear muffs and toasty scarves twirled and pirouetted like ballet dancers around the ice rink; while others did their utmost to stay erect, and not to appear embarrassed by their lack of gliding skills.


Fascinated by this winter wonderland, I exhorted my hubby forward to saunter the array of twinkling stalls that lined the stockade’s peripheries. Little did I realize we had infiltrated a delectable Feestelijkemarkt (Festival Market) where chocolaatjes, snoeps (Dutch for chocolates and candies), and a variety of festive goodies were on sale.


The event’s jubilant atmosphere, the exquisite taste of handcrafted chocolates and the artistic craftsmanship of the delicacies on offer enticed the visitor to ogle and to savor. Like most public festivals, this fair had street performers, musicians, and parades to dazzle any livid roisterers. Tents and enclosed booths proffered chocolate massages, facials, body rubs, manicures, and pedicures; while chocolate sculptures, chocolate body painting, chocolate cooking and eating contests vie for attention at this expo.


When my beloved and I arrived at a life-sized chocolate gingerbread house covered with berries, raisins, and other delicious goodies, I was bewitched. Never had I witnessed anything with such an appetizing savior faire as I stood to admire this large chocolate gingerbread creation. Through the doorway of this scrumptious cottage appeared a man dressed from head to toe in white. His hair, face, and hands were partially covered with a layer of flour, and he resembled a life snowman without the button eyes, carrot nose, scarf, and hat. He carried a broom, which he used to sweep the interior of this fascinating concoction. Tobias, the creative baker responsible for fabricating this edible structure greeted us when we strolled by his stall.


Memories of my time in Germany at the 1966 Tübingen ChocolatART Festival, gushed through my mind. I had documented that provocatively enticing event in A Harem Boy’s Saga – Book II – UNBRIDLED; a memoir by Young (aka Bernard Foong): myBook.to/UNBRIDLED


As we ventured further into this festal labyrinth, I caught sight of a fur booth. Cornucopias of scrumptious fashion items lined the shelves of the stall’s tiny space. I gravitated towards the fur wraps, hats, gloves, and shawls. One particular stole caught my eye. Although this long scarf was of faux pelage, the textural color combination was nothing short of prepossessing. I was already infatuated with its elegance before my husband urged me to try it on. Since I know the fashion industry inside out and am aware of the production cost of this caliber, I was trounced by the price tag. I was hesitant to pay the cost no matter how much I adored the stole.


God bless my beloved, hubby, who exhorted, “Darling, you do look stunning in it. If you truly love this écharpe (scarf in French) consider it my anniversary gift to you.”

“But our 21st anniversary isn’t until Valentine’s day 2018,” I countered startlingly.

To which my beloved replied entrancingly, “Sweetie, you are my Valentine every day of the year.”

“I’m glad my fairy spell worked on you,” I quipped with merriment before we departed the stall with the captivating scarf to warm my freezing neck.

Bernard Foong (aka Young)


This and other vignettes are documented in A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir by Young (moi – aka Bernard Foong) – (a 5 book autobiographical series): http://amzn.to/1FMlHVY


A Harem Boy’s Saga


An enchanting love story of a young man who masters the art of unconditional love and discovers the erotic sensuality of coming of age in a male harem.

Website: www.aharemboysaga.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aharemboysaga/

In The Harem blog: http://bernardfoong.typepad.com/ in_the_harem


Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BernardFoong

Amazon Authors Page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00CENKJKM

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2992700.Young

A HAREM BOY’S SAGA (series) – Film Option Agreement signed with a UK Film production company.

Book I – INITIATION is currently in film pre-production.


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Readathons with Lucy

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I am so excited about today’s guest and the topic. We’re talking to Lucy, all about *reading*!! Can you hear the enthusiasm in my words?!?

I love reading, and so wish I could get paid to do it! (LOL, but no, seriously…)

I’ll stop blabbering on and turn it over to today’s fantastic guest. I insist you enjoy!


Why I Participate in Readathons

Hello, I’m Lucy from http://lucyturnspages.blogspot.co.uk/ and I talk about reading, writing and mental health. Recently, I have started frequently participating in readathons and I would like to tell you why.

Readathons are challenges where you aim to read a certain number of books over a particular period of time. Many of the hosts of these readathons are on Twitter. I use Little Book Owl’s (on YouTube) readathon calendar that you can find here:  http://www.littlebookowl.com/p/read-thon-calendar.html. I look at each readathon that is commencing in the present or upcoming month and see what the parameters of the readathon are. Some will include reading certain types of books or a particular number of books. If I can think of books on my TBR that fit the categories and I have time to read during the days listed then I participate. You often need to sign up through a link on the host’s Twitter, particularly if there are prize draws. So, without further delay, here are the reasons that I love participating in readathons:

1.  You can read as much or as little as you like: Just because there are seven challenges or a goal of how many hours to read does not mean that you have to read that many books or for all of that time! In the last couple of readathons that I have done, I have aimed to read four to five books but I haven’t actually read all of these. The aim of these readathons is to just read something. Even if you read one page or one chapter, you are still reading and if you enjoy it you can keep on reading but you don’t have to spend every second trying to read a ton of books and end up feeling stressed about it. Readathons help you to make reading a priority when ordinarily you may spend time online or watching a television programme that you’ve seen many times before.

2.  They help to reduce your TBR: Similarly to my first point, readathons help you to focus on reading and push you to read as much as you can in a short period of time. This is helpful for me because I like to read a large amount in one day because otherwise I can get distracted throughout the week and not make much progress.

3.  Community: Readathons bring together people to discuss what they are reading, their accomplishments and how they are fitting reading into their lives. This means that you can learn about other people’s routines which you may find you want to incorporate into your own life, you can find other books that you may not have heard of, you can talk about books that you have a shared love for and most of all, you can meet new friends.

So, do any of you participate in readathons? If so, which ones? If not, are you considering participating now? Let me know in the comments!

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#RRBC Spotlight Author, Gracie Bradford

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I am pleased to welcome this month’s RRBC Spotlight Author, Gracie Bradford


Me too. Indie authors must be a jack of all trade. Like it or not, indie authors are entrepreneurs. Your book is a product. Your marketing is a service. Who has time to write and sell? Most authors prefer to write and leave the selling to someone else. Is it necessary to be hands-on in the selling process? As a businesswoman, I say absolutely.  It takes far less time to write than to sell. Once the book publishes, the most difficult challenge begins.



Increase your followers to get more honest and positive reviews – strive for more than 100 reviews the first month of launch.

Entice your followers with topics of interest to return to your point of sale – strive to build your email list to 5000 or more followers.

Join an active book club to help promote books.

Become involved with community professional and social groups – Be seen as an influencer or contributor.

Build networks through educational conferences, webinars, seminars, critique groups, etc.



Spend time improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your point of sales.

Leverage the power of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website).

Stay on top of analytics by analyzing visitor’ patterns and time on sites.

When books first launch, try to get up to 1000 copies sold within the first few days (giveaways, free copies, gift with purchase, contract with libraries and bookstores) to move up on book sellers engaging elements of their site.

Keywords, categories, and hashtags must match your brand and audience to increase visibility.



Respond to your followers – stay engaged to maintain your buyers – install an autoresponder as your assistant.

Design and be ready to launch your FREE enticer on the same day of book launch- a freelancer is helpful in this area.

Develop an airtight marketing plan – carve out time and be consistent in implementation.

Develop an alluring pre-order interaction ahead of the game.

Hire reasonable cost subject matter experts in areas that you can delegate to someone else.

Book Excerpt

June, who was a ten-year-old feisty girl beyond her years, creates imaginary friends because she gets lonely in her isolation room at the cancer center. June explains to Chemo and Rad, her imaginary friends, her understanding of what is happening with her.

Chapter 9

  “The doctor told us that her goal was to shrink the size of the mass in my head, which was pushing against an area that controlled some of my mental and physical functions while at the same time reduce side effects and maintain my quality of life during and after treatments. She said that surgery was not an option that she wanted to take at this time. I was so glad to hear that they were not going to shave my hair off and cut my head open.

   She explained that they would not cut open my head, but they would have to insert a plastic tube called a “shunt” to drain fluid from my brain and have it flow to another site for ease of elimination from my body. My mom did not want to hear this unsettling news. Frankly, neither did I.

   The doctor told us that she and a radiation oncologist would determine the best drug for me. The drugs would be very potent ones (chemotherapy), which would run through my IV tube for a defined period in an attempt to destroy the bad cells. Then she would check my vitals after the first round of treatment to see if the mass in my brain was getting smaller. She explained that the chemotherapy treatments as a whole could last up to six months. The side effects might be unbearable sometimes. Sometimes the therapy might make me sicker than I was when I first came to the hospital.

   I interrupted her to remind her that I was only ten years old and told her she was frightening my brother. I noticed he looked like he was turning green. But the real reason I reminded her of my age was that she had scared me out of my mind.

   I looked at my parents and thought that my mom might pass out at any moment but noticed a smirk on my stepfather’s face. I looked over at G-Mom. She was the only one who seemed to be holding it together. I expected G-Mom to question the doctor in many ways to get everyone to grasp how serious this was and how long it would take to see results. In a kind and compassionate way, my grandmother grilled the doctor like a drill sergeant!” My doctor gradually realized that G-Mom was the stabilizing force in the family as well as very knowledgeable in medical terms. The doctor would frequently turn to my grandmother, seeking assurance that she was doing well explaining to the rest of the family and me. My doctor did not want to frighten my brother or me, but she felt we needed to understand the journey we were about to go on. I knew it would not be like the trip we had six months ago. I also knew that G-Mom would insist that I keep notes in my journal about my illness just as she did on our trips. I could not tell G-Mom that I had forgotten how to write.”

Expect to see the 3rd book of the Lady Bird series late 2018 addressing Autism.

You can pick up a copy of Gracie’s book at http://amzn.to/2gfLCEJ.

Author Photo

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Worth It? – Fab Fit Fun Subscription: Winter Box Unboxing and Review

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I am so excited to have a returning guest…

Jane Liu is back to visit with us and today, we are talking about the *hot* item subscription box – FAB FIT FUN. Now, I have seen all kinds of things online about the Fab Fit Fun Subscription box, and am SO happy to have someone share their experience with us. Like many, I’m eager to know!

Worth It? – Fab Fit Fun Subscription: Winter Box Unboxing and Review

Recently, I joined the subscription culture and really fell in love with subscription boxes for beauty and lifestyle products. Companies like Birchbox or Sephora Play are perfect for me because they are affordable (usually $10 per month) and I get to try a ton of new and expensive brands that I usually don’t venture to try or simply can’t afford. This past fall, I found out about Fab Fit Fun and although I was eager to try it out, I was hesitant because of the price. Fab Fit Fun is a much bigger investment and not an immediate return like monthly subscriptions are. So when I finally got my box at the end of the year, I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on whether a Fab Fit Fun subscription is really worth the price.

For those who don’t know what Fab Fit Fun is, it is a seasonal / quarterly subscription service that sends you beauty and fashion, lifestyle, and wellness products. The box is curated, and each season is guaranteed to have $120+ worth of full sized product. Personally, I subscribed just in time for the winter 2017 edition that was sent to me in November which was $39.99.

The process for signing up was very simple and similar to many other subscription boxes – you can complete a preference survey when creating the account to indicate what products is more valuable to you. After completing your profile, you just wait. To be honest, I dreaded the wait… it felt like forever because this subscription box is more expansive than what I’m used to. Although Fab Fit Fun sends emails to let the customers peek and see what is coming, I chose to make it a complete surprise, which made the actual arrival date that much sweeter.

When I got the box, I could not wait to open it. The first thing on the top of the box was a pamphlet that shows what exactly is in this box, how much they’re worth and the story behind some of them. I always appreciate info cards or cheat sheets like this because not only does it share important information about what I’m getting, but also make me feel like my $39.99 was worth it because I got $375 – $400 worth of products back.


What you see on the cover of the pamphlet is Ayesha Curry – an artist who is featured in this month’s box. Her mug was included in this box and I love it so so much! I’m a huge mug collector especially ones that are cute and witty. So this was perfect for my collection. This mug comes in 3 versions, each says “coming in hot”, “love you a latte” and I got: “I’d rather be in bed”. Personally, I like what I got more because the simple design and mint color is beautiful – makes it a perfect mug for reading on rainy days. This is one of their cheaper products in the box, normally priced at $18.00.


Speaking of rainy days, the weather in the Midwest and East Coast has been awful lately and this second item came in handy already. It is the Point Studio Aloe Infused Cozy Sock (colors may vary). Living in Chicago, I started investing in good fuzzy socks not because I loved them but because I had to so my little toes don’t freeze. This year, I finally found a few ways to make fuzzy socks work with my shoes and outfits so this Fab Fit Fun sock came at the perfect time. This is one of their cheaper products as well, priced at $19.00.


Being an LA girl, moving to Chicago was a big fashion shock. I never knew how to layer up and stay warm without losing my style. The BB Dakota Poncho from this year’s Winter box is going to be a great addition to my new wardrobe. I see myself not only wearing it as a cute winter layer or a fall poncho but this is also very useful at work. I don’t know about you, but my office is always negative a million degrees and wearing a cardigan is too cold but putting on my puffy jacket is too hot and out of place. So leaving a cute but thick poncho at work can really come in handy. Glad I don’t have to go on hot tea runs every 5 mins at work anymore!  This product is more expansive than others, normally priced at $70.


This next item is going to be an experiment for me. The 8 OTHER REASONS Nine Lives Choker (silver or rose gold), normally priced at $58.00, is a new style for me. I don’t usually use a ton of heavy makeup which means I tend to wear bigger and bolder jewelries that are more statement pieces… But I’ll warmly welcome this new style into my life and learn to embrace some new looks!


A more familiar product was the Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. Honestly, it was comforting to see a brand / product I know and have enjoyed previously. For some reason, for me at least, being introduced to a ton of new brands can be daunting. Sometimes, seeing the makeup boxes, I don’t even know if I’ll end up using everything. But in this case, I’ve always enjoyed Kate Somerville brand, and have used this product before, so I know it won’t go to waste. This product is normally $75 and even if I only use this one product out of everything in this box, I know it’s already worth my $39 initial investment on the entire box.


In this winter box, I also got the Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Mask (8 pack). I’ve never really used eye masks before but the women in my life keep telling me that I need to start using skin care products before I start seeing wrinkles or before I realize I need them. So I’ve been contemplating getting a pack of eye masks just to try it out and do some preventative care. And here it is, arrived at the right time. This product is normally priced at $16.


This next product is exciting for me because people who know me know that multiple drawers in my restroom is packed with hand cream and body butters. So when I saw the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream with Dead Sea Water, I was stoked. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I was eager to try. I immediately opened the hand cream and it smells great! This is a great size to bring along in my hand bag but can last me much longer than the travel size hand creams I currently use. This product is normally priced at $33 which is out of my average price range so I am very happy that I get to be spoiled a little and try some expensive hand creams for once.


Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t really use heavy make up and generally prefer natural colors such as nude, beige, to brown shades. So this DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette is not only going to fulfill what I need but also bring me out of my comfort zone a little. This palette, normally priced at $70 is definitely a more high end palettes that I’ve owned. Colored varied in different boxes, but I got mine with the nude options plus purple and pink. Personally I’ve never used purple or pink eyeshadow colors before so this will be fun to try out! Even if I never use the pink or purple, I can still use the more neutral colors!


The last one I opened was something I’m still unsure if I’ll use often or not. It is the FFTV Fitness Ball ($16) with Jillian Michaels workout videos. I’m big into spinning and cardio workouts, but never used a fitness ball for anything other than for sitting when I’m tired at the gym. I’ve always imagined that fitness balls are only used in those 80s workout videos… but who knew!


Overall, I am so satisfied with this 2017 Fab Fit Fun Winter Box. I am getting the opportunity to try a ton of new products that I either don’t know about or can’t afford. I am normally a very loyal user of things that work, so when new products or brands are out, I rarely trust it enough to try. I paid $39.99 and got over $375 of products back! A great deal if you ask me! The great thing about Fab Fit Fun is that it is seasonal and you only pay 4 times a year for 4 boxes. And since I had such a great experience with this box, I kept my subscription and can’t wait for the spring edition to be released! If you want to sign up for your own, feel free to use this link: http://xo.fff.me/hiX1O! If you already subscribe to Fab Fit Fun, let me know what products you liked from the winter box and if you don’t have it yet, feel free to drop in the comments any questions, I’d love to help answer  :)

And, if you’d like to see my unboxing and first impression video, check it out here:


Good morning, bloggers!

Sometimes, I have the most random thoughts go thru my head. (I like to think this is mostly due to my *writing brain*) This weekend, I had a revelation.​ At least, that’s what I call it.

Here’s my rant to start the week off on the right foot.  ;)


I’ve spent my entire life (well, from what I can remember) making others happy. Whether it be thru my actions, words, or even my choice in job. Family, friends, employers, coworkers… You get the point.

I’ve realized more recently that you just can’t make everyone happy. It’s impossible. Talk about an aha moment!

And also, should that be how anyone lives? Should we focus all of our attention on everyone else’s contentment? Trying to please others? All while forgetting ourselves? No.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to make other people happy. (Sometimes, double-negatives are necessary.) We definitely should. You can get a lot of enjoyment out of bringing happiness to others.

What I’m saying is this… One’s sole focus in life should not be to ONLY make others happy. We need to think about ourselves sometimes too. It’s important to find that medium. I think that’s one way to find even more, genuine happiness.

Thinking back on my first blog post of the year, I promised then that I would focus on myself in 2018. I think we all could use a little more *self focus.*

Let’s do this… I challenge you. Every single person that takes the time to read my post, I’m talking to you.

I want you to take a moment and focus on yourself. (I know that’s difficult for a lot of people. I totally get it. But humor me, please.) Now think about what makes YOU happy. Truly happy. It could be anything. New shoes. A good book. Writing. 10 minutes of meditation. Cooking. Sewing. Playing solitaire. A hot shower. Well, I could keep going, but you get the idea.

Don’t think of just one item. Think of several. Got those in mind? Awesome! Now, commit to doing some of those things this week. One thing a day for yourself, for your own happiness.



Should you choose to accept this challenge, let us know below. You can be specific and share with us your thoughts, or you can simply say “Challenge accepted.” Either way, let’s put it in writing. Then, we can support one another. Encourage one another. Let’s do this… together!!

I’ll go first, in the comments.

Until next time……………………………………Love & Blessings.


Spaghetti Man Writes – @robertparlante

Hello, bloggers!

We have a returning guest today, Robert Parlante. Robert is the author of FINDING EMMELINE, and you can find his other guest posts here:  Plotting A Different Ending & Write Like A Movie.

Spaghetti Man Writes

If you are expecting this blog posting to be about cooking, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Even though I know how to cook (worked as a short-order cook while attending college), this post is not about foodie delights, using bizarre ingredients or trying to prepare all the dishes in Julia Child’s French cookbook in 365 days. My written views of life are more a collection of musings and autobiographical reflections with no order except to suggest this is how I view the world while I sit in a rocker on a porch looking down to the lake of life. You may say, “I have no interest in your life or your mental meanderings.” So be it, then just sit back and wait for the next blog ___ maybe that one will be your sweet spot and spark your creativity.

It took me a long time to name my writer identity because everything I chose did not work. They were either domains already taken or they just didn’t feel right. Absorbed in Thought, View from the Porch, Where are My Clothes? Each of these final three almost made it to the top, but I selected SpaghettiManWrites. (If you’re curious about the Clothes mishap, I’ll consider a posting about that event one of these days.)

Now the story behind Spaghetti Man Writes. The obvious connection is that it has something to do with being of Italian heritage. That’s partially correct, but there’s more. We all tend to label people rather than try to know the person ___ now what label will you slap on me? Stop right there for a moment. Here are some personal observations to consider before you make your decision.

I am getting older, while my brain feels younger.

I’m an engineering person and a creative person. (Is that an oxymoron?)

I have had many failures that led to successes.

Being a writer toughens and prepares you for rejection.

I believe Jesus is the Lord of my life, but there were times where I challenged that belief.

Went on a blind date only one time and met my wife who was a last-minute substitute for someone who backed out.

Whatever label may have crossed your mind will never fully characterize who I am as a person because it would take so many labels. That’s how the moniker “Spaghetti Man” was birthed. Someone tried to affix a single label on me that turned out to be wrong. It all began 12 time zones away, near the Mongolian border of Siberia. I was in Krasnoyarsk as a member of a team distributing New Testaments to schoolchildren.

Not able to speak Russian, I was assigned a translator named Anne, an English teacher at the city university. She told me her father was Jewish. She was married to an Armenian and had one child.

I told her I was married with three children. That my mother’s family and my father came from northern Italy. That’s when I first noticed the cool shift in her conversation. Had I said something wrong? Maybe she didn’t understand me.

Nevertheless, through our week-long stay, we learned to work well together. Our first presentations were shaky and laughable. I talked too fast. She didn’t understand American idioms. Yet we learned to respect each other. More important, I sensed she was being touched by the gospel message as she translated the team testimonies.

At our last evening together Anne felt the need to be honest about her initial dim view of me. She related how she even told her husband that, of all the American missionaries in Siberia, she ended up with a spaghetti man! (In case it’s not obvious that was an ethnic slur.)

It seemed that in this distant part of Russia, a spaghetti-man label applied to Italian men is associated with laziness, stupidity, and sitting around all day drinking Chianti wine. My first reaction was anger. It was not so much a personal hurt, but the fact that she ___ like others ___ make sweeping characterizations.

When Anne saw none of the labels applied to me or the enthusiastic mission team, she asked for forgiveness. That was a big step for her.

As it turns out, the spaghetti-man label is not unique to Siberia. One definition in the current Urban Dictionary indicates it is a very thin, tall and bendy man. (I am short, dough-boy like and cannot touch my toes.) Another definition is an Italian male who is a hit with the ladies due to his diet of spaghetti and olive oil. I cannot wrap my head around how a spaghetti and olive oil diet translates to being a hit with the ladies. The aroma of garlic, used in cooking, comes right through your pores. I guess some people like that earthy fragrance, and maybe somebody should consider incorporating it into cologne.

Given the peculiar definitions, why then stick with a writer-name including the reference to Spaghetti Man? It’s simple. I want it to be a reminder to me and the readers that we are always more than a single word or a dismissive phrase or an ethnic slur.

Robert Parlante

Author of A Letter From Miss Wingate;  Up From the Ashes;  The Reflection in the Mirror;  Finding Emmeline

Contact Info:
Facebook.com /Robert Parlante

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