Help us shower this grand #RRBC Member with support!! Yay for #PUSHTUESDAY!!

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Hello, and welcome back to 4WillsPublishing!  Typically, we only feature writing tips, etc. here at 4WP, but today we are doing things a little differently.  When the call went out to help #push #RaveReviewsBookClub’s #PUSHTUESDAY winner for today, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity!  Not just because we were asked, but because for two very special reasons:

1)  Rhani D’Chae is a long-time loyal 4WillsPub client and

2) Rhani D’Chae is a kick-ass writer!  Even with her limited eyesight, Rhani runs circles around the best of us, who are blessed with 20/20 vision. To top this all off, she is also a member of RWISA – RAVE WRITERS INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF AUTHORS!  An elite melting pot of some of the “best” writers in the industry.

It is our honor and our pleasure to introduce Rhani to a new audience here today, as well as sharing her latest release: 

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