RRBC Holiday Train “BOOK TRAILER” Block Party – Honoring KATHRYN C. TREAT

Hello, bloggers and WELCOME!! This month, we are taking a ride on the RRBC Holiday Train!! You guessed it... We're enjoying another spectacular Block Party!!! This time, our focus is on book trailers!! The spotlight is not on me or my writing today. No, today, the spotlight is on an incredible lady that was and … Continue reading RRBC Holiday Train “BOOK TRAILER” Block Party – Honoring KATHRYN C. TREAT

It’s Gwen Plano’s Day!

This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady. Yay for Gwen!!!

The Indie Spot!


A loud and gigantic CONGRATULATIONS to Gwen Plano on being named Rave Reviews Book Club’s #PUSHTUESDAY honoree!

For those who may not know who Gwen Plano is, let me introduce you to her. Gwen Plano is the author of a book entitled Letting Go Into Perfect LoveIn this memoir, Gwen shares her struggles and her triumphs with readers, offering hope to those who are still in the grips of domestic abuse.


But that’s not all there is to Gwendolyn Plano! Did you know she is also the host of the popular blog talk radio program Aspire to Inspire? This show airs each month on the Rave Waves network.


So if you happen to find Gwen today on Twitter, don’t forget to send her your best wishes. And again, CONGRATULATIONS, Gwen! You deserve this honor!

Visit Gwen at her web site: http://www.gwenplano.com/

Find Gwen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gmplano

Listen to 

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Give Them Their Flowers Now (#RRBC)

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