A Serious Moment

Hello, bloggers…

I come to you today with a more serious matter. This isn’t my typical post, where I’m supporting RRBC and our awesome authors. No, instead today I’m posting about something personal.

In the recent months, my life has become chaotic. My once ridiculously-happy-for-no-reason attitude has not quite been the same. Why you may ask… people.

Yes, I’m one of those people that actually get affected by others’ thoughts and actions. I’m an emotional person, always have been and I take things to heart. That’s one of the reasons I think I’m always trying to help others. I don’t like to see others hurt or in pain. I like to help whenever and wherever I can. Sometimes, it’s not easy, but I do my best.

Because of this, because of my personality and also the way I was raised, I don’t do well when people are unreasonably mean. I usually only react when the cruelty is geared towards someone else, but I can no longer bite my tongue. I can no longer hold back. I’m at that breaking point, where my closest friends are waiting for me to snap. (When I say snap, I simply mean to break down into a blubbering, crying fool.)

If you know me, you know I’m a good-hearted person. I try to do good to and for others… I work as hard as I can at everything I do, whether it’s my full-time job, my book club or my personal life… I look for the good in people, all people… I help when I can… etc. etc.

Why am I telling you all of this? Don’t worry, there’s a point, which I’m gradually getting to. (Bear with me!)

My job… the one that’s a full-time gig that helps pay my bills… I love my job, love what I do, love who I work with, love my customers… BUT, several months back, I was questioned about some inappropriate things. My integrity was questioned, as was my morality. Now, I don’t want to get into the details, but I will say it involved another associate. Their accusations, of course, were false and had absolutely no ground to stand on. To say I was offended and hurt is to say the least.

Come to find out, a fellow associate started the rumors. Yes, I know this for a fact. I saw the letter this “friend” wrote. Keep in mind that this happened when a new Area Manager took over, which I’m certain was taken advantage of. The rumors were started and the accusations began.

Fast forward a few months… Still same workplace, only now, we’ve lost a few associates. One of which simply walked out on us, no notice. Would you believe that two *upper management* people visited her home to see if she was willing to stay on payroll so she could take over MY position? The one that I still sit in. The one I haven’t mentioned a single word about leaving. I know, shocked me too. 

With all this time that has passed and the changes we’ve gone thru, would you believe that those previous accusations came up just this past week? To a fellow associate, no less, who felt it necessary to defend me. Why is it okay for them to even be put in that position? Allow me to also mention that the aforementioned *rumored* associate is no longer working there. So rumor or not, definitely no ground to stand on, no policies to break. And not a single word to me… But I have a very strong feeling that the same person that started the rumors before, attempted to do it again.

Now, with all of that being said… Is any of this right? Is any of this a decent way of treating people, treating your employees?

Why are some people so bent on making others’ lives so miserable? Am I too good-hearted? Have I fought too long to see the good in people? Why is it, that someone who works so hard at their job and someone who does only enough to get by… why does the latter get more respect? How is this ok?

What’s the point in a rumor, other than to hurt someone? To scar them? To make them feel alienated, unwelcomed and fearful of the next accusation to come?

How does one sleep at night, knowing the pain you’ve caused someone else? Knowing the lies you’ve told? If you want to get ahead, to succeed, you have to work. You have to show that you want to succeed. You shouldn’t run people over, you shouldn’t try to get someone else fired. What purpose does that serve?

I’m still at this same workplace, and I still work my a** off for these people, day in and day out. Because that’s the kind of person I am. Because I will ALWAYS give my all. Because despite what anyone else thinks, I will not purposely make things harder on someone else. There are still those that I work with that I genuinely care about. I will be here for THEM, until a better opportunity comes along.

No, I haven’t confronted anyone about this. And no, I haven’t reported it. That doesn’t mean I won’t, but right now, I’m going to keep my head up. I’m going to continue doing what I do best. I am better than that, I’m better than the rumors, I’m better than my “reputation.”

I’m not sharing this with you because I want sympathy. I don’t want to start some protest, nor do I expect someone to act on my behalf. No, I’m not after any kind of satisfaction or revenge.

I have three reasons for sharing my story with you today:

1. I want to explain why I’ve seemed more off-the-grid, why I’ve been quiet.

2. I have a voice that deserves to be heard. Speaking MY truth allows me to move on, fully and completely. I also miss the old me. I want my happy spirit back!

3. Lastly, I want to make a difference and if there’s a chance I can help someone, then all the more reason… I strive to make a difference each day I am blessed to breathe. We should all strive for that.

Now for you, my readers, my followers, my fellow bloggers… Do not let others create your reputation. Do not let someone show others who you are. That’s YOUR job. Be you, your true self. Let others see what you have to offer, let others see how awesome you are!

If you want something, go after it. ALWAYS pursue your dream!! And may God help see you thru it. But, please, do not try and take someone else down to get there. Don’t be that cruel person in someone’s life. Be a positive. In everything you do, to everyone you meet, for everything you want. Do good, be good.

Thanks for listening today.   :)

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Good Morning!  My name is Natasha Know-It-All and I’m a reporter with the Raving Reviews News.  Today, we have tracked down the extremely busy President & Founder of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, Nonnie Jules.  We asked if she could spare a few moments for a quick Q&A and surprisingly, to our delight, she said “YES!” Although she has limited this to only a 6 Q&A session, we’re happy to have that!  Any little bone she’s willing to throw at us, we’re willing to run after it!  Ms. Jules rarely gives interviews so sit back, relax and take it all in!  Here is her take on quality vs quantity.  #Winning


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By Marlena Smith

One moment
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One chance

One breath
One life
One purpose

It only takes ONE to make a difference, to be a change, to take a stand.

Be that ONE!

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I am very pleased to welcome to my blog fellow RRBC Member & Guest Author, Yvette Calleiro!! Yvette is this week’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author, so let’s shower her with the incredible support we’re known for!!  :)

The Process of Writing

My writing process has changed throughout the years. When I decided to take a chance at writing a novel, I bought a journal and a mechanical pencil (love those!). I then began thinking of my characters. I used one page for each character. I wrote down his/her name, his/her physical description, and his/her personality. I then jotted down the plot on the next several pages. After that, I carried the journal around with me everywhere. As I had time, I wrote out chapter by chapter in my journal. It was mostly dialogue because that’s how I think. Finally, I sat in front of the computer and typed up the story, filling in the details around the dialogue that I had already created. I used this process for the first three novels that I wrote.

I haven’t published my first two written novels. I will eventually, but I had yet to do so when the idea for The One Discovered came to me. I was actually trying to go the traditional route with my first two novels when I dreamt of my Diasodz. So, I put my first two novels out via query letters and then left them alone to focus on writing The One Discovered. By the time I finished writing it, I realized that the traditional route was not for me and decided to go indie. :-) My dilemma was then deciding which book to publish first. Which book did I want to help me make a name for myself? I knew almost immediately that the Diasodz would win that contest, and so I set about publishing it on my own.
I learned how to format the book through Smashwords. They have a great, free book on the correct way to format an ebook. I also found my amazingly talented cover artist, Tatiana Villa, through Smashwords. And then I discovered Create Space, and my printed book was done! I published my first book on both Smashwords and Amazon, but eventually I switched exclusively to Amazon because I wasn’t getting much traffic at Smashwords (I have no doubt it is because of my inability to promote myself more than because of their website. They get tons of traffic.).

When I went to write The One Enlightened, book two of the Chronicles of the Diasodz, I realized that I would not be able to get the book published in a year’s time (my own deadline) if I wrote out the whole book (as I had with book one) and then typed it up. So, I changed up my process a little bit. I still bought a new journal. I still used my mechanical pencil. I still wrote out all of the characters and their descriptions/elements/powers/etc. Many of them had been written in my first journal, but I rewrote them, knowing that I would need to revisit it while I wrote. I also added new characters that never existed in the first book.

When I wrote The One Discovered, I had actually mapped out the plots for all of the books. When it came time to write book two, I realized how many holes were in that original plot sketch. So, as I wrote the plot for book two in the new journal, I added many scenes. I also realized that I had a whole new world that I needed to create. I have absolutely no artistic ability, but I actually had to map out the levels of the house to keep everything straight in my mind.

This time, I did not write out the whole book. My life had become even busier than it had been before. I started writing out the chapters, but I realized that it was just taking too long, so I stopped writing it out and went straight to typing. At first, I thought it would be more difficult for me, but it wasn’t. The only drawback was that I was only able to write the novel when I could be at a computer whereas when I was writing it down, I could write anywhere. Still, it was better than writing it twice. And I met my goal of finishing within the year.

The One Betrayed followed the same process – new journal, same pencil, etc. The One Betrayed posed a new problem for me. Betrayed follows the same timeline as Enlightened. While Enlightened focuses on Sofia’s journey to the new world, Betrayed focuses on a different character’s journey to the new world (I don’t want to give any spoilers just in case someone is reading them). There are points where the two books connect, so it was very important that the events in the timeline made sense. I had to go back to Enlightened and figure out how many days were in the book and then mirror those days in Betrayed. So, it took a little bit more time, but it was worth it.

Now, I’m writing book 4 (no title yet…well, I haven’t share it yet). I’m using the same journal from The One Betrayed because I barely used any of the pages (tree hugger here!) and I got tired of rewriting all of the character descriptions. lol! I liked the process of counting the days, so I’ve done the same thing with book 4. I realized that I need to know the time line because something big has to happen around a certain date, so I need to keep track of it.

Although my process had evolved a bit, my writing keeps flowing. I get ideas in my head all of the time, and they are never in chronological order. I also get random plots for other stories to write pop up everything now and then. I just jot it all down in the notepad of my phone (and then email it to myself for safekeeping) and use it when I need it. I still have a couple of more books to write in this series, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Will my writing process stay the same when I start a new book outside of the series? Will it change into something else? I don’t know. One thing that I do know for certain is that I will be writing, and that is what makes me happy. :-)


TheOneDiscovered - Cover Design 10


About Yvette



Yvette M. Calleiro is a heavily addicted reader of both young adult and adult novels. She spends most of her time pseudo-living in paranormal worlds with her fictional friends (and boyfriends). She’s also been known to run on the elliptical machine or ride the stationary bike at her gym for hours while reading anything from paranormal to fantasy to suspenseful thrillers.

When she’s living amongst real people, Yvette M. Calleiro is a high school reading teacher. She’s been sharing her love of literature with her students for over nineteen years. Besides writing about the various characters that whisper (and sometimes scream) in her head, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, spending quality time with family and friends, and enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

Yvette lives in Miami, Florida, with her beautiful son who allows her to enjoy children’s literature all over again. She also shares her space with an assortment of crazy saltwater animals in her 300-gallon tank.


To learn more about Yvette M. Calleiro or to purchase The One Discovered,
The One Enlightened, 
and The One Betrayed
 please visit:

Twitter: @YvetteMCalleiro

Facebook: http://facebook.com/yvettemcalleiro

Website: http://yvettemcalleiro.blogspot.com 

Book Link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I4L2Q40/

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It is my pleasure to welcome this week’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Micki Peluso!!! Micki has been a member of Rave Reviews Book Club since early 2014. (That’s TWO YEARS!!!)  She is super supportive and all-around awesome!! Please help me shower her with support today!

Excerpt from . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

000_bookcover for email normal (3)

School started and fall descended upon us at once, mourned by the whippoorwills, which had to migrate to warmer lands. I’d come to grips with the ghosts; whether true ghosts or poltergeist activity by my wacky teenagers. The starling finally stopped swooping down from the attic right after the school bus left and I was having my coffee while doing my crossword puzzle. It was a daily routine; bird swoops down, cat leaps up and grabs bird, I scold cat and open the front door and the starling leaves until the next day.

It had been weeks since the last bat episode in which Noelle screamed, “There’s a flying mouse after me,” as her five brothers and sisters almost trampled her running down the stairs from the attic bedrooms. I got out the front door before them. With bats it’s ‘everyman for himself.’ I fervently hoped they left for warmer habitats as well.

The rats, compliments of the gentleman farm next door, were still a problem. The chances one stepping on a rat is low, yet Nicole had done it twice already. Two of my favorite lamps and a faux pas print of Mona Lisa were destroyed when her two brothers tried to kill one, armed with a baseball bat and an air rifle.

The house blew a lot of fuses that strangely, flew clear across the large basement, a good thirty feet—which baffled Butch. It happened mostly on weekends when he was home to change the fuses and always in the middle of a good television show.

Butch had traded the white pickup truck, aka camper, for a ridiculous looking UPS truck, painted a bright orange. Inside, it was nicely furnished as a large motor homer, with a kitchen, bed and bath. It had two comfortable, large swivel chairs in front which made for comfortable driving. He liked working in New Jersey, about 3 hours away and only home on weekends. Sure, I got left with all the fun stuff. It was similar to what he did at Benny’s, except more a family style restaurant—a cross between fast food and fine dining.

One Sunday he left early for his long ride back. The three younger girls and I were all home watching the movie, “Halloween,” when we heard odd thumping sounds from the basement. The ghosts usually never appeared there, and I feared an intruder had come in through the unlocked basement door. No one locked their doors in the country. I grabbed the shotgun and put a shell into it, hoping not to have to use it and break my shoulder or hip. I’d never fired a shotgun before. I peeled Nicole, who had wrapped herself around my legs to keep me from going downstairs, off me and made her sit down and be quiet. I snapped my fingers for Sheba to follow me, although the usually good watchdog hadn’t barked at the noise. I quietly opened the door to the basement, warning all the kids to stay on the couch. They actually obeyed. Maybe it was the sight of me brandishing a shotgun. Sheba stayed behind me, brave dog that she was—watching my back, I supposed. I tiptoed halfway down the steps, scanning the basement, shotgun ready to fire, when I saw a large potato at the bottom of the steps. I held my fire. The menacing spud had fallen off the pantry shelf and thumped down the basement steps. I tried to bribe the kids to secrecy, but never lived down the story of the night that Mom nearly shot an Idaho potato.

Micki Peluso is a member of Rave Reviews Book Club. Here is what she says about the support she receives from RRBC members:

I just celebrated my second year with RRBC and I am more amazed each day at the wide scope of ideas and publishing aids offered. I have never before seen a group that rather than competing with fellow authors, goes out of their way to be helpful, supportive and friendly. Each person I’ve met has become not just a fellow author but a friend. My sales jump sporadically, perhaps in proportion to the support given at various times. I love the options open to members for the many and varied promo techniques. It’s a group that makes me feel both comfortable and appreciated.

To learn more about Micki Peluso, or to purchase her book, …AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG, please visit:
Twitter: @mickipeluso
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AndTheWhippoorwillSang
Website:  http://www.mallie1025.blogspot.com/
Email:  mallie1025@aol.com

Author Bio

lastscan (4)

Micki Peluso began writing after a personal tragedy, which lead to publication in Victimology: An International Magazine and a 25 year career in Journalism. She’s been staff writer for one major newspaper and freelanced for two more. Twelve of her award winning short fiction and slice of life stories are published in anthologies, magazines and e-zines. Her debut book was published in 2012; a funny family memoir of love, loss and survival, called, . . .AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG which won the Nesta CBC Silver Award for writing that builds character. She is presently working on a collection of short fiction, slice of life stories and essays, in a book called, DON’T PLUCK THE DUCK. Her debut children’s book, ‘The Cat Who Wanted a Dog’ will be released in June, 2016.

Thank you so much for joining us today. Please share your thoughts and support with Micki below in the comment section. You can follow along her exciting “SPOTLIGHT” Author blog tour by visiting the RRBC website!

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I am VERY excited to welcome today’s guest to my blog… fellow RRBC Board Member, JAN HAWKE!! Jan is on an exciting blog tour this week with 4WillsPublishing and I am fortunate enough to be one of her hosts!  :)

Without further delay, allow me to present the fabulous Jan Hawke…

The Fantasy Freebooting Tour – Part 7

Messing with canon

Occasionally the community ran RPGs that included original characters from canon, and held ‘auditions’ for people to come and play heroic figures from the books. Competition was always fierce for this, simply because they hardly came up that often and who wouldn’t want to play a lifelong idol?

Best of all was when someone ran a quest game that let your usual character interact with Frodo, or Glorfindel who, in The Lord of the Rings had saved Aragorn and the hobbits from the Ringwraiths as they tried to get to Rivendell. For a bard like Jano, these were heaven-sent opportunities to roleplay with, or as, her heroes.

In one such quest game, she found herself paired with Glorfindel, one of the mightiest Elf-Lords ever, travelling south from Rivendell to Dol Amroth in Gondor. He was a big hero of hers, and she’d composed a short but emotive verse of his greatest deed, saving the survivors of Gondolin from a Balrog as they fled over the mountains.
Here’s her version of the single paragraph that was written of the encounter in The Silmarillion

They fell…

in glaring flame
and dark black smoke.
From the mountain
into the rocky vale.
The cost we paid
for freedom.
They fell…

It fell…
from the high crags,
its fire diminishing.
Damned to the depths
for its defiling
of the light.
He fell…
still golden bright
in glory and in pain.
Fighting for us.
The path made safe.
His life the price.
They fell…
into a legend
of betrayal
and deathly oaths.
His life for hope
of an escape
to destiny.
They fell.

That’s the homage to meagre canon, but in the quest game she had the good fortune to talk about this glorious battle and learn how it felt to have a fight to the death with a fire-demon. Talk about goose-bumps!

One night, early into the journey, as they camped under the stars on the northern border of Hollin, Jano had asked Fin (as he had asked her to address him) about something that had been troubling her a while. It was a little embarrassing for her, as she thought she may have offended him once in the Hall of Fire, as she sang of his famous battle with the Balrog. He had been very subdued when he had realised what she was about to perform, and had left the Hall soon after she finished. It had preyed on her mind for a while, and now they knew each other better she wished to put things right, if they needed to be.

“I was too bold perhaps, my friend… insensitive? Maybe I should have sung my piece another time and not in your presence? If I offended you in any way, then I am truly sorry for it.” 
Having screwed up her courage all day to ask this of him, she was therefore a little taken aback when Fin had burst out laughing.

“Oh Jano! I am sorry, my dear… your face!”  he managed with difficulty to control his mirth and address her earnest question with a serious reply.

“To be honest with you I was uncomfortable yes, but then I always am when I am so ‘honoured’. At the time though… your time… all I could think of was how grateful I was that yours was perhaps the shortest accolade I have ever received, and yet one of the most touching in its simplicity and directness.”

He looked at her face briefly, then swiftly looked away again when he started to chuckle once more, as she still looked a little stunned. Instead, he gazed into the fire and, his lips still twitching into a smile now and again, he tried to explain some more.

“But this has happened many times before to me, as I am sure you realised at the time – we caught each other’s eye remember – as you got up to sing, and I knew then what you would do… say. And you could not look at me, nor I at you after that.”

He sighed, no longer laughing at himself, or at her discomposure, but trying to think of a way to tell her that would not make her feel at fault, for the truth was complicated and truly, he did not think that Bards should not acclaim his great deed in his presence at all.

It is not embarrassment as such – I am past that. I just did what I did. For duty… and for love too I suppose? Have you ever been in a battle Jano? No, of course not – you are too young…”

“That is true Fin, but I have fought when my life was in danger, or to protect others. My step-father Aldred and all three of my foster brothers were warriors… cavalrymen in the service of Gondor, or of Rohan. Aldred taught all of us how to ride and to use a sword, and he used to tell us tales of the battles he had fought in – how sometimes a madness can take you into a place where you are no better than a beast, to slash and kill without compunction, or thought, or reason. No emotion except a rage to destroy whatever is in front of you…”  she hesitated a moment then went on “I have killed too… orcs… I lived in Ithilien close to the Ephel Duath for a long time before I came to Imladris. Once only I felt the madness Aldred spoke of, and… he was right. It was horrible, and when it was over… I was sick to my stomach and cried and cried…”

Her beautiful sea-blue eyes were wide and sad with the memory, and for a brief moment he wanted very much to comfort her with more than words, but he returned his gaze to the fire, nodding a little and spoke softly to her.

“Then you will not be surprised to know that is how it was for me on that day. In a way… your Aldred spoke the truth… it is a terrible thing to be that way in battle. You lose all control, all reason and act… instinctively. It is a primal defence I think, because for the time you are like that, you have no thought of danger to yourself, or even to others. All you are is someone else’s death… a raging killer.”

He kept his eyes on the flames, watching the writhing forms and remembering what little he could… the eyes blazing hate and darkness, the fiery whip, the pure white-hot evil that matched his own rage and abhorrence…

“Had I not been in that place where you become your own hatred… where you will tear and rend and destroy anything in your reach, I doubt I could have fought that creature, let alone kill it. I was a soldier, a seasoned warrior and it had never happened to me before. I was good, even great, and had never known true fear – I knew my craft well. Was always cool and competent. Yet as we fled the city I was terrified – we all were I think, for we had never before seen such destruction, or horror… and… the relief when Tuor and Idril led us away through the mountain.”  he paused, hardly aware she was listening now, wrapped up in the memory. “Then just as we thought we had won free, that… thing… was there, and for a moment there was shock and fear, and then… nothing except a desire… a need… greater than any hunger or lust. I wanted it gone – obliterated. And I really do not remember anything else after that, except the roaring heat and the smell of burning metal… cloth… flesh… then nothing at all, for so long.”

Jano could not shift her gaze from the pale, handsome face staring into the fire, lost in the memory of his own death, and knew this moment would stay with her for the rest of her days. She kept quiet and very still, knowing not to break the silence, yet wanting to reach out and touch his hands or his face. At last he turned his kind, grey-blue gaze back to her and smiled gently.

“So there is no need for you to feel bad, Jano. I do not remember it too well. All I did was my duty as a soldier, and as one of the chief servants of my Lord Turgon, who had already fallen to three of those horrors. Protected and fought for people I loved and honoured. And the rest was fated.”  his lips curled into another smile for the beautiful elleth, who was looking at him with compassion and understanding.

“What say you to a little night riding, Jano? I doubt either of us is going to rest tonight and Filigod and Asfaloth have eaten their fill… We have not pushed them too far today really.”

And that is the beauty of roleplay – it lets you roam around someone else’s head and work out why they’re doing something, or how they got to that place. Even if they’re not your own character, if you dig deep enough you find their heart and soul, and share in their victories, their joys and sorrows. For a writer, it’s never unrewarding if you want to really get under a character’s skin.



Siân Glírdan is the fusion persona of the elven roleplay character, Janowyn (Jano), High Bard of the River Kingdom and her ‘real world’ creator, author, Jan Hawke. Glírdan is the elven word for ‘songsmith’, and Siân is a Welsh variant of Jan (in case you were wondering!).

When it became obvious to Jan that Jano had a far better handle than she could ever have on writing in the fantasy genres, Siân was born, fully formed and raring to go.  A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac, which is basically the manual on how Jano was brought into being and developed, is Siân and Jano’s first official collaboration. They’re currently working hard on an epic future fantasy series, Tomes of the Havenlands, loosely based on the ancient Celtic world. The first volume should reach the shelves at the end of 2016.


A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac back blurb

This is poetry, wrapped in fantasy, within a memoir… Or, to put it another way, it’s a true tale that might well apply to many fantasy fans and gamers who can’t be bothered with keeping their realities separated from their more lurid imaginings.

In my case, this is a sort of ‘real’ cyberspace profiling, during a phase of my life when roleplay truly did need to be therapy, because what was happening around me for real was not what I wanted to participate in. So, buckle up your swash and prepare to witness a titanic battle played out on the field of sanity – where what happens in your head is the only truth that matters.

book cover
Book links

Amazon (eBook only for now) – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H3R5K7K
Amazon Biohttp://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01H3UVW06
A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac blog http://freebootersalmanac.blogspot.co.uk/

Social Media links
Twitter – @SianGlirdanBard (https://twitter.com/SianGlirdanBard)
Facebook Author page –

“The tour sponsored by 4WillsPublishing.wordpress.com.”

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Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies


Nigerian Death Legends
Come Alive in ‘the Walking Dead’

(Excerpt from the book)
Part II

Somewhere Out There

Someone shouted. Gloria jumped out of the bed and dove beneath it, thinking that the people in the house had seen her. But the noise came from outside. She crept from her hiding place and looked through the window. A strange mix of surprise, joy and fear filled her being.

Her son, Osondu, walked backwards in the street, surrounded by a large crowd of boys and girls his age. Osondu was just fifteen years old, a second year student at the Okongwu grammar school. She last saw him in his knickers, with a bare torso, bare feet and a fishing line when he left to fish with his friends. In this new place, he looked just the same, only now his knickers stuck to his skin. An old man carrying a long, carved, ebony walking-stick topped with an ivory bird’s head walked in front of him, forcing him to walk backward. Every time Osondu tried to turn his back to the old man, the kids surrounding him shouted and groped for him.

Gloria watched in shocked silence, then decided to gamble her life for her son. She stepped outside and, knowing that no one would see her, pushed through the crowd. She suspected that if she walked backward among these people, as her son did, they would see her, so she moved forward in her normal way until she walked in front of her son. By making Osondu walk backward, he seemed like a reflection in a mirror, and these people saw him. Otherwise, they did not see him.

Osondu smiled, apparently happy that his mother had come to his rescue, but Gloria saw fear in his eyes. “Does this mean they can’t see you, Mom?”

She grabbed his hand. “We must leave here, now.” She dragged him away from the old man, spun him around and pushed him forward, hoping her son’s image would disappear from their sight, and it did.

The old man and the boys stopped walking and looked around with puzzled faces. They reached out and searched with their hands, trying to find him.

Gloria pulled her son through the crowd. He turned back for a moment to look at the old man, and someone shouted, “Ereht.”

The crowd surged towards them.

“Turn around,” Gloria hissed in a low voice, though the people couldn’t hear her. “You have to walk forward.”

Osondu turned, and she hurried him away. “But the old man and his charm …”

“Never mind the old man; never mind his charms, just follow my lead and walk normally. Okay?” She kept moving forward, but risked a quick glance back. The crowd had slowed, but still moved in their direction. “Run,” she whispered.

He raced after his mother. She led him into their old house and into Gloria’s old room.
“We can’t stay here, Mom; if my younger self sees me, he’ll freak out,” he said, his eyes glassy and wide.

His mother looked sharply at him, but took his hand and ran into what used to be her parents’ room. Gloria feared that if she let go, Osondu would be visible to anyone in the house. They hid in a closet and hugged tightly.

“How did you get here?” Osondu asked.

“I don’t know, Son, I was at Ezu’s bank with the women of The Gathering, invoking God on your behalf. I walked into the water to look for you, and the next thing I knew, I was here. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but this is not a dream, is it?” She hugged him tighter.
“No, Mom, you’re not dreaming. I walked into the water to get my ball and wham! Here I am. How do we get out of here?” He hunched down and hit the ground with both fists the way he did when he knew he’d messed things up for everyone.

“I don’t know; let me think. … It’s getting dark, so let’s find somewhere to sleep and explore the town in the morning.”

They spent a restless night beneath her parents’ bed and snuck out of the house as soon as the day grew light. “Just remember, Son, they don’t see us, so long as you keep facing forward,” Gloria reminded him.

They walked down roads with similar names as the ones they knew and passed people who spoke the same strange language as her ‘other’ family. Gloria stopped by a group and listened.

“What is it?” Osondu asked.

Gloria smiled as realization dawned. “They’re speaking backward. My friends and I used to play mirror language games at school.”

Joy Nosu Lo-Bamijoko

Author Pic
Joy Nwosu was born in Enugu, Anambra State of south-eastern Nigeria. Her parents were Charles Belonwu and Deborah Nwosu. She is the fifth in rank of the seven children of her parents. Joy was born into a music family.

Joy, now retired, was a music teacher, trained in Santa Cecilia, Rome, and obtained her Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of Michigan, USA.

She has written and published extensively on national and international scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Her short story I Come from Utopia was published in African Voices, Spring/Summer, 2007, pg. 18, and her first English novel; Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women was published in 2011, and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Contest in 2012. She has also two books published in the Italian language.

Joy is a trained musician, and taught music for 35 years.  She writes, performs, and record folk songs.

Her new book: The Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies, which has just been released, is a journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos of Nigeria.  She loves reading romances and mystery stories.

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